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Conquest is a thrilling version based on the popular strategy game Risk
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Conquest, inspired by the popular war and strategy game Risk, is a thrilling version that will appeal to all fans of the genre.
The game objective consists in invading and capturing territories, and if possible taking over the world. In the role of the General, you will be in charge of reinforcing your lands, attacking enemies and fortifying the lands already conquered. Battles take place in a worldwide map divided into 42 territories, where you have to strategically move your armies and give battle to the enemies forces.
The game has some configurable features that permit creating a game according to your skill. For instance, you can select different maps where the battle is going to be carried out (only available in the registered version) or determine the computer's intelligence.
The interface is very simple, with plain graphics and colors, not impressive but efficient enough to let you play without any hindrance. Sound effects in turn, are really scarce, only heard in key moments of the game.
Conquest is challenging and very engaging; it requires a well planned strategy to defeat enemies and the ability to make quick tactical decisions.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Captivating game


  • Better graphics and sound effects would have greatly enhanced the gameplay
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